Recording Your Webcam Video While Converting PowerPoint Presentation

This article is devoted to recording various webcam videos while converting PowerPoint file to video format. Using Video Scout it is very easy to add any kind of live video from your web camera directly to PowerPoint presentation. The only thing you will have to do is to convert your video file. A video from your web camera can be adjusted. So, you can modify the size of your file and its frame position.

Fixing Sound Recording Issues While Converting PowerPoint Presentations To Video Scout

This is a very useful tutorial for user of Windows Vista when they have to fix various issues with sound recording while converting their PowerPoint presentations to Video Scout. So, in order to get your sound recording enabled in Windows Vista, or in other words to convert your flash movie with sound you will have to do the following:Start with going to the control panel and press “Sound”. Just doule click this icon in ordr to open the dialog box which is responsible for sounds.

Create Video In PowerPoint – What Items Will Not Be Included

When you crate video content using PowerPoint program, you should keep in mind that some parts of your presentation will not be include into your video file. So, what are these parts? Below, you will find a full list of items:Media content which has been inserted in previous PowerPoint versions. In order to include these items, they will have to be converted/upgraded. Let’s say, some media content has been inserted using the version of PowerPoint 2007, this content will be linked and in such a way played in your PowerPoint presentation.

Branded PowerPoint Presentations – Working With Logos And Images

In this article you will learn how to insert logos and other kind of images on PowerPoint slides. In fact, they can be inserted as a normal image on your master slide and it will appear on all PowerPoint slides. For example, you want a small plan to be your logo. After inserting it to PowerPoint Master Slide, you will just need to move it to its place. All ppt slides will reflect this change.powerpoint tutorialAs it is shown on our sample image, the lace is placed on the top side of the text box.

PowerPoint – How To Make Stunning Gradient Slides

The majority of PowerPoint users do not have professional skills in designing. People tend to add visual layouts without knowing the basic principles of design. It is not enough to rely on PowerPoint templates all the time if you do not want to get a boring presentation at the end. In this article you will learn some interesting functions of PowerPoint and as a result you will have a compelling gradient slide.

PowerPoint Design Tips For Users Without Creative Background

Designing a professional PowerPoint presentation is a challenging task, and particularly for non-creative users. Nowadays, the standards for presentation design is as high as they have never been before. So, you should forget about a boring bullet-pointed PowerPoint presentation. Te following tips will help you create a good-looking presentation even without a design background.You should incorporate the following tips:Remain consistentBeing always consistent is very important if you want to design a professional PowerPont presentation.

Rule 10-20-30 For PowerPoint Presentations

Many people wonder how long their PowerPoint presentation should be or how many slides is enough. The times when presentations were overloaded with bullet points have passed. There are much more efficient ways to create a stunning presentations. The rule 10-20-30 will help you understand where and how too start. This rule has been presented by a famous marketing guru Guy Kawasaki.Here is what Kawasaki mentions all the time regarding PowerPoint presentations:The number of PowerPoint slides should not be more then ten.